Wellness MRI 3_0T

About Our MRI Scans

Patients who need MRI imaging deserve to have the most advanced equipment, and the most advanced MRI center. Our MRI unit is one of the most advanced machines available, a 3 Tesla MRI. There are only three 3 Tesla MRI machines in Orange County making our center one of the leaders in the MRI field. This allows us to offer the highest resolution MRI images available anywhere.

Our MRI Image   Open MRI Image

Because open MRI and stand up MRI machines have significantly lower quality, we have opted to use the most advanced 3 Tesla MRI.  The left image above shows the quality of our MRI, versus an open or stand up MRI machine.

We have all the necessary MRI equipment and additional software and coils to perform the most detailed assessment of joints, spine, brain, as well as the arteries and veins within the body.

WholeSPINE3_0T WholeSPINE1_5T